MeSoOnTV: Optimizing On-line and Broadcast TV Experience by Leveraging Media, Social Networks, and Knowledge Networks

Searching, browsing and analyzing web contents is today a challenging problem when compared to early Internet ages. This is due to the fact that web content is multimedial, social and dynamic. Moreover, concepts referred to by videos, news, comments, posts, are implicitly linked by the fact that people on the Web talk about something, somewhere at some time and these connections may change as the perception of users on the Web changes over time. The goal of the project is to define a model and develop a corresponding system for the integration of the heterogeneous and dynamic data coming from different knowledge sources (broadcasters' archives, online newspapers, blogs, web encyclopedias, social media platforms, social networks, etc.). 

This project is a collaboration with University of Torino and  RAI Research and Technological Innovation Center.