Smart Manager for Adaptive and Real-Time Decisions in Building Clusters

The objective is to develop a synergistic decision framework to enable next-generation building clusters to work as an adaptive and robust system within a smart grid, reducing overall energy consumption and allowing for optimal operation decisions enabled by cyber support tools. It is envisioned that the next generation of building systems will freely form clusters, with buildings within clusters autonomously sharing and exchanging site-generated energy, thereby fundamentally transforming energy consumption in buildings, which is regarded today as the sector with the highest energy use. This is a collaborative effort among Arizona State University, Drexel University, the University at Buffalo - SUNY and Siemens, Inc. The team  develops (1) an emulator for Netzero energy building clusters to benchmark and evaluate different operation strategies; (2) a methodology to generate and calibrate networked energy consumption models with high-fidelity for temporally and spatially distributed buildings, and (3) multi-time scale adaptive decision algorithms for dynamic operation strategies.