Siva Viswanathan

Dr. Siva Viswanathan is an Associate Professor at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, and a Co-Director of DIGITS - the Center for Digital Innovation, Technology, and Strategy. Prof. Viswanathan's research focuses on business intelligence and predictive analytics and their transformative potential in sectors such as financial services, consumer retailing, auto-retailing, telecom, and advertising, among others. His current work focuses on online crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platforms, and engineering online social platforms to enable firms leverage social contagion. Prof. Viswanathan’s research has appeared in top academic journals and he has also been actively engaged in consulting and research with a number of leading organizations including Adobe, LivingSocial, Facebook, Efficient Frontier, A9, Amazon, HomeDepot, J.D.Power, and Infosys, among others