The consortium offers a two-tiered membership plan, including full and associate memberships, with different fee structures.  Start-ups and small businesses have the option of becoming an associate member with a nominal fee and with reduced rights commensurate with their support for the center.

The consortium provides the following benefits to its member companies:

  • intellectual property agreements, including licenses and copyrightable materials
  • teams of PIs, center personnel, and graduate students working on relevant projects, 
  • access to research data, presentations, and reports, 
  • participation in semi-annual meetings and workshops,
  • seat in the consortium industrial advisory board,
  • authorization to vote on the Center's research projects, and
  • interactions with center faculty.

In addition, the Center also provides

  • summer and long-term internships for students,
  • visiting faculty programs,
  • embedded engineer and practitioner sabbatical programs through which representatives from industrial partners can spend some time in academia,
  • certificate programs to which partners can enroll,  
  • an invited lecturer program,
  • industrial white papers,
  • developer workshops,
  • partner enablement & technology showcases.  

The center and each of its industrial partners sign a membership agreement, detailing members’ rights, intellectual property sharing, and publication policies.